Wednesday, 30 March 2016

After a while, words unsaid

Stretch across your tongue

Like creepers turned to stone

And gnaw at your ribs

Until you start to hiss,

Tender, slow wailing.


She will turn to god

Remembering each time

She turned away from him.

She calls for forgiveness

With her bleached lips and

Whispers his name with her clenched teeth

He would have been enough

If only she wasn’t reduced to mere apologises.


He has learnt to master the art

Of saying no. He knows

The world doesn’t fit more than material

We have compressed our bodies

And we crumble people like soda cans

He has been burnt too many times

To let love inside

With a drunken man’s hope.


She sent her words out to find him

And he was tired of reading between the lines.

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